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Ascension - Someone
(Dave London EDC Remix)

Originally released in 2001, in celebration of his performance at EDC Orlando, download Dave London's brand new remix, it's totally free!

Ascension - Someone (Dave London EDC Remix)

Orlando Breakz V.03

Club tested, DJ approved

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Dave London

Hi and thanks for stopping by my biography page.

To be honest I think 3rd person bio's are a bit stuffy and impersonal so instead, I thought I would write a few lines about what I do.

I moved to the USA in 1992 and started getting into music production in 1994. I have always been a fan of dance music - in the UK, dance music is considered Top 40 and it can be heard on every major radio station.

What really got me into producing was hearing Faithless - Insomnia. The first time I heard this song was at a super-club called Slinky located in the South of the UK. Once I heard the synth and basslines on Insomnia, I knew I wanted to produce dance music even though I had no musical experience. Once I bought my first synth (Ensoniq ASR-10), I tweaked it for hours on end trying to recreate the 303 basslines heard in Rollo's (Faithless) productions...I couldn't get enough.

Since my first commercial record release in 1996 (Junior Camp - Blazing Piano's), I have continued to try to master the unmasterable art of music production. I have released songs on labels such as Sony Music, Tommy Boy, Mixmag, Moonshine, DMC, Caffeine, and Ministry of Sound. I even dabbled in some hard house which found it's way into the UK Top 20 charts on Tripoli Trax.

Some of my favorite productions have been Sonique "Feels So Good", Darren vs. Andrea "Take My Hand", Syntax "Pray", and Lightforce "Join Me". I have also released songs on records with Fatboy Slim, Kool Keith, Paul Oakenfold, and DJ Icey.

As far as DJ'ing, I have always seen myself as a producer first and a DJ second. I love performing and will probably do so until I'm the second "oldest guy in the club". I've been blessed to perform all over the world but some of my favorite gigs have been in Spain, Vancouver and Los Angeles.

I have been making music and performing since 1996 and I owe this all to the fans who have supported my humble little independent record label for so long. So most importantly to you I say a big THANKS!

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- Dave London

Dave London

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